Never Mind the Genetics

Never Mind the Genetics
$11.95 Print, $2.99 Digital
Series: Double Helix, Book 1
Genres: Gay, Romance
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 0692234381
Andrew has spent seventeen years waiting to meet his biological father, and now that his mother has grown tired of bickering with her son, she decides to hand him over to the man he's never met. Andrew, expecting to be rejected, is surprised to see how quickly his father, Kevin, accepts him. He's always ready to show his appreciation for Kevin's respect... but what he fears telling him is how attracted to him he is. Conflicted, Andrew tries to find the courage to admit the truth, rather than suffer in silence.

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About the Book

Since breaking up with his high school girlfriend seventeen years ago, Kevin had no idea that he had left something precious behind with her. Now at age thirty-five, his success has brought him everything in life that he might need– all except companionship.

Since his birth seventeen years ago, Andrew and his mother haven’t had a very peaceful relationship. Born into a family that couldn’t afford him, and haunted him with threats of violence, he hoped and wished for a better life– a life with the father he had never met.

After years of bickering and bitterness, Andrew’s mother takes him not only to meet, but live with his long, lost parent. What Andrew expects is a cold shoulder, but what he gets instead is a warm welcome.

Kevin’s gentle demeanor and sweet words are all it takes for Andrew to understand the true meaning of what it is to be loved, but something else– something bright and unexpected– blossoms from their growing friendship: a very different kind of love.

Never Mind the Genetics is the first book in the series Double Helix.

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