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Tale of an Amateur Guitarist: Corruption Bypass

If you’ve been to this site before, you might have noticed that it got a huge upgrade, and doesn’t look like a dime store excuse of a blog anymore. If you haven’t been here before, welcome, and stay for gourmet coca. We– and by “we” I mean “I”– made it ourselves.

So… corrupt RockSmith profiles?
I’m getting to it!
The last time I spoke about RockSmith, it was just after my high E string broke. I replaced my old strings (which were way too thin for my playing style) and bought myself some heavy duty steel strings from Ernie Ball. I have to say, I’m in love with them so far. After purchasing them, I taught myself how to restring my guitar, and managed to get them on there much better than the pawn shop guy who sold it to me did. How’s that for efficiency?
After restringing Garotte, I had him back in action in no time, and restarted RockSmith, determined to find out what was causing my profile to constantly become corrupted. Here’s what I learned:

I completed a very specific mission with a CDLC and it corrupted my profile.
First, I wanted to clarify something about corrupt profiles. They don’t always happen because of CDLC. Since fixing this issue, I’ve been able to play and complete many CDLC songs without any problems. Now, however, I’m very wary of them. Your profile can also become corrupted if power is cut off to your system suddenly, or if the game freezes (especially on Xbox) during play and crashes. You never know what could happen, so always keep a back up!
Second, yes. I tried to complete a mission with a CDLC, and it corrupted my profile every time I tried. This does not happen with all missions, strangely enough. This particular mission was “Play a song in Drop D.” I kept playing a CDLC Rammstein song, and it would complete the mission. I would quit the game, try to reload, and the profile would be corrupted. So, I loaded my backup profile and played a Drop D song that came with the game, cleared the mission, and everything went back to normal. I could now play the CDLC Rammstein songs whenever I wanted without corrupting the profile. Which is awesome, because those songs are sweeeeet.

So, if you do download and keep CDLC, never fear. The files themselves after being played will not cause issues– but be wary of playing them for missions. I would definitely play it safe, no pun intended, and use a retail song to complete one. So far, I have not been able to recreate the phenomenon, but I know now what was causing it.

Remember that once a profile is corrupted, there isn’t a way to get it back. Keep regular backups of your profile so that you don’t lose your data forever the next time it happens!

How to back up your Rocksmith profile on Steam:
Navigate to Program Files–> Steam–> userdata You should see a folder with a name that is a bunch of numbers. That is your Steam user folder. Enter this folder, then open the folder named “221680” (assuming you have RS2014). Make a copy of the “remote” folder and paste it somewhere safe. I have a separate folder solely for this purpose, and I make sure to do this every time I end a RS session. Don’t back up the profile unless you’re sure it isn’t corrupt already. One way to be sure is to “quit” your game, which will take you back to the RS title screen. Re-enter the game and try to reload your profile. If it loads without problems, you know it’s not corrupted.

How to back up your Rocksmith profile on Xbox:
Learn how to turn on Cloud and backup your save games right here.

Hopefully those tips will come in handy. I know I’d be pretty pissed off if all of my hard work was erased.

I was wrong before about CDLC not including Riff Repeater!
I made a silly mistake before in my last AG post and stated that Riff Repeater couldn’t be used in CDLC. As it turns out, a lot of them do have the option, which is, needless to say, very refreshing! I’ve learned half of Garbage’s song “Push It” in this manner. The reason I thought it was impossible before was that whoever made the Rammstein songs did so without including Riff Repeater (the jerk!). But, since those songs are pretty simple to play, it isn’t as necessary.

Always check to make sure your volume and tone are cranked all the way!
I mentioned before (I don’t even know how long ago), that the game wasn’t registering when I played chords. I was completely mystified by this, because I knew I was hitting the right notes and it frustrated the demigod out of me. The reason, apparently, was because my tone was turned down. As soon as I moved the dial back up, it recognized my chords just fine. Strange that it was only chords it couldn’t read, but regardless, that seemed to fix what was wrong.

As for how much I’m improving with the Rocksmith technique…
I’ll admit that I don’t play every single day, though I should. I do, however, play for several hours when I actually start up the game. By now, I’ve learned to play a few of my favorite songs, and I’ve been exposed to songs I’ve never heard before buying Rocksmith! I’ve become particularly attached to the song “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse. Now that is a fun song to play. I love that you can add songs to a list of favorites to choose from as well. Since my list of songs has gotten massive since buying RS, I have a lot to go through! All the more reason to give myself a deadline.

That’s it for this installment. Remember to rock on, and stay in tune!

Tale of an Amateur Guitarist: Unraveling the Mystery of the Corrupt Rocksmith Profiles

Yes, it’s the next installment of my amateur ability at playing electric guitar with Rocksmith and clumsy fingers.

Are you a rockstar YET?
When I play metal songs, I feel like one… and isn’t that what matters?
Oh. Well, no, then. I’m not. But I’m getting closer!
As I said, I’ve fallen deeply in love with playing metal! Metal has always been a favorite genre of mine (not including death metal. I have a scream limit), but I’ve found that playing it is even more desirable. I’ve come to find out that my playing style is… rather aggressive. My low E string took a bite out of me this past week.

This is a sign that you’re an abusive guitar owner

Yeah, that’s blood. I literally played it till my fingers bled. Well, it’s my own fault. I didn’t strum my strings, I slammed them. And that was a mistake. Lesson learned the hard way. That’s what I get for playing when in a very sour mood. And playing metal. While in a sour mood.

Have you found out why Rocksmith profiles get corrupted?
As a matter of fact, I have. It has something, if not everything, to do with playing custom songs. After backing up and restoring my profile several times, I did a trial and error test to determine what was specifically causing it after it happened to me a second time.

After finding out about custom songs, I had downloaded a lot of them. Honestly, more than I’m capable of playing well. I sort of picked them out as “Oo, I might want to learn this one someday, oh, and this one, and this one.” The drawback to custom songs vary, but there are two so far that I have learned about in my testing:

1. You can’t use Riff Repeater in CDLC. Not any of them. This isn’t a massive setback, but for a new player, can cause some frustration. If there’s only one part in the song you want to tackle and get better at, you can’t do it unless you play the whole thing start to finish a hundred times– or, a solution I plan to take up soon, reading the tab sheets for it and learning it slowly first before playing it in Rocksmith. This gives me an excuse to find alternate resources other than Rocksmith to train myself to play.

2. You can’t complete missions with them. This, I believe, is what might be causing the corruption in the profile. When my profile would get “corrupted” it was after playing Rammstein songs– ones in Drop D. Until now, this really mystified me. My other CDLCs weren’t causing the problem– only Rammstein. It wasn’t until yesterday morning that I realized: “hey, don’t I have a mission to play a song in Drop D? Almost all Rammstein songs are in Drop D. I bet that’s what’s causing it.”

I played a Drop D song that came with the game. Cleared that, then backed up my profile after completing the mission. I reopened Rocksmith and prepared to test my theory that the mission itself was causing the CDLCs to corrupt the game. I open a Rammstein song and get ready to rock. Rocksmith asks me to tune my guitar for the song.

Twang! My high E string snaps.

“Wow,” I thought, with a slow, sarcastic blink. “The timing couldn’t be more perfect.”

Although this really bummed me out, not only because I had to quit before my goal of one hour for the day, but it meant that I wouldn’t be playing for probably a week while I wait for new strings. The positive thing is that it gave me the opportunity to order new, better strings suited for metal playing, and will teach me how to restring my guitar. Plus I get to mess around with different gauges and see what works best for my style.

So, we won’t find out the truth of profile corruption until next time?
I’m afraid so. But you could test this theory yourself! Maybe you’ll find out before me.

Lastly, I’ve become so fond of my guitar (even though it bit me) that I’ve given it a name. I’ve decided to call it “Garrote.” I thought it fitting for one that might be playing metal most of the time.

Keep on rocking until next time!
Stay in tune!